Fun for the Entire Family

The Union League Club of Chicago understands how hard it is to create time for some of the essential parts of life. It's one of the reasons the Club continues to increase its amenities and services. Not to be excluded is the family programming available at the ULCC and the opportunity to meet other families.

Some ULCC members grew up in the Club attending Breakfast with the Easter Bunny or Halloween, the Father Daughter Dance or Winter Recess (a program for children ages 2-12 providing instruction in a variety of disciplines including swimming, karate, dance and yoga). They, in turn, have brought their families to the Club because they have found the benefit of surrounding themselves with a diverse collection of families and programming.

Throughout the years, the Club has continued to build on its family programming including a breakfast with the Blue Angels, a summer camp, holiday programs and much more!

The Union League Club is for the entire family and is a home away from home for many.

Make Precious Family Memories

Learn more about becoming part of the Union League Club Family.

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