Farther Away But Closer Than Ever

Come and meet new people during the stay at home order through virtual social, professional, family, literary, art and fitness programs at the ULCC.

Even with the stay at home order in place, the Club offers our members a way to enjoy being social while being safe. Virtual coffee hours, cocktail hours, trivia nights, cooking classes, workouts, wine tastings; our vibrant community is alive and well. ULCC virtual programming focuses on making social connections – the majority of the events present an opportunity to meet and get to know new people.
See a complete list of June virtual activities here. More than 30 virtual events in June! You might be at home, but you don’t have to be alone.

ULCC Market

Order online for curbside/touchless pickup of premium foods from local suppliers including fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, seafood and meats (no meat shortage here)! Excellent selection of wine and spirits also available for pickup. Grocery pickup has never been easier.

Cooking with Chef Ponzio

Pickup your Meal Kit and join daily cooking class with Chef Ponzio and ULCC members. Casual, informative and delicious. Connect with other ULCC members while learning all the tricks to create dishes to perfection. Recent daily meal kit/cooking classes include Shrimp Risotto (https://youtu.be/RAQowDXIIjU), Braised Short Rib, Jerk Tenderloin and Chilies Rellenos. Different meal kits are presented every week.

Professional Support

Your office might be closed, but the ULCC continues to provide professional support for your business and your career. Recent virtual programs include:
Managing Business Response & Recovery From COVID-19 (https://youtu.be/Oj6iAykkqUE),
Addressing Cybersecurity Threats with Reactive & Proactive Solutions (https://youtu.be/sw7AxrAdS_A)
ULCC Business of Philanthropy: Fundraising and Advancement Strategies During and After COVID

Two-month Guest Program

The ULCC is offering a special two-month guest program. Details of the guest program can be found here. Take the opportunity to join our vibrant community and meet new people while staying safe. We look forward to meeting you

Want to Join the Guest Program